Thursday, 8 September 2011

There's plenty of money on Gail's brew.

Yesterday I had a lovely day out to Southport with friends Gail and Helen. The weather wasn't the best but we made up for that with fabulous Victorian era tea rooms, stylish couples well into their 70s, and cascades of charity shop bargains. After a hefty shop we decided to visit the front and were greeted at the arcade with the promise of  a 30p brew and a game of bingo. The brew came out of the machine already milked and apparently tasted like gravy and the bingo hall was no more, we did however win 70 prize tokens on the 2p falls resulting in two fried egg keyrings, a wolf and some sweets - bonus. And who can't say a good day ends in the Hall of Mirrors? Photos courtesy of Gail at seventyseventyone design, I will post mine as soon as they are developed.

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